Talking about Photoshopped family pictures in the movie “This Is Where I Leave You”

Rashida Jones and I have a game: We decide for three months how we’re going to dress, like Japanese Executive, Little House on the Prairie, Female Sailor on Leave. A couple of months ago, our look was Eighties Art Dealer: Black blazers with shoulder pads, high-waisted jeans, air-dried hair and big eyebrows.

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Welcome back to 30 Rock, Tina Fey! See her tonight on Late Night!

Ellen and Kristen Wiig Sing ‘Let It Go’



Happy birthday, Amy!

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this is wendy




there are millions of starving kids in africa and miley cyrus has 15 chapstick egg things 


did you seriously take the time to count exactly how many chapstick eggs she had before making this post?

counting isn’t actually as difficult and time-consuming as you would imagine

Good there’s only one mint one!! That’s the only one I have and it’s the worst!!!!

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Ariana Grande sounds like a font on Microsoft Word

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Happy Birthday Amy Poehler!! You’re truly one of a kind ♥ ♥ 

I’ll never forget the day I went on YouTube to find that this wonderful person had chosen to answer my question, said my name out loud, looked me in the eye and taught me (and smart girls everywhere) that celebrating other people’s victories is much more rewarding than being a jealous person.

Let’s all follow smartgirlsattheparty as our gift to her! ;)